Vision, Mission and Values

Vision, Mission, and Values


The Conway Area Chamber of Commerce will facilitate the development of Conway into a nationally competitive, economically diverse city.


The mission of the Conway Area Chamber of Commerce is to lead our community toward sustainable economic growth, to advocate a pro-business climate for our members, to build upon Conway’s educational foundations, and to establish and execute the community’s vision.


The Conway Area Chamber of Commerce believes in the following core values: 

  • Communication: The Chamber will use appropriate communication methods internally and externally at suitable times.
  • Continuous Improvement: The Chamber will strive for continuous improvement of organizational operations and programs and services.
  • Customer Service: The Chamber will provide impeccable customer service to all stakeholders.
  • Diversity: The Chamber will strive to ensure our membership, board, staff, committees, and programming is representative of the diversity that exists within our business community.   
  • Employee Development: The Chamber will commit to offering educational opportunities to all staff members.
  • Financial Stability: The Chamber will make wise financial decisions to ensure future stability.
  • Innovation: The Chamber will embrace and encourage new ideas and creative thinking.
  • Integrity: The Chamber will conduct business with honesty and integrity.
  • Leadership: The Chamber will provide leadership that transcends our membership and impacts the direction of the community.
  • Relevance: The Chamber will offer programs and services that are relevant to our members and the larger business community.
  • Results: The Chamber membership and business community will see measurable results from our programs, services, and activities.
  • Teamwork: The Chamber will develop a culture of teamwork to accomplish goals and objectives.

The Conway Area Chamber of Commerce is organized to achieve the following objectives: 

1)      Promote economic development in Conway and Faulkner County;
2)      Provide advocacy for its members by representing them in city, county, state, and national legislative and political affairs;
3)      Support the county’s educational institutions, which are a cornerstone of the area’s economy; and
4)      Promote and support superior quality of life measures for the residents of Conway and Faulkner County.